Nivo Deux Goes the Distance, a review on 96.5 The Wave Houston
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Barbara Blake of Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch

"I've added "Love's No Distance." I love your sound and [Shannon's] playing's da bomb. The track was included in this month's soundtrack and on the weekly show I deliver to Hot FM-smooth Grooves Radio an online show based in London."

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Stu Berketo of the Wave FM

"[We are] thrilled with your new project! It most certainly is one of the most innovative works of art to come out this years with an ecclectic blend of 80s pop, electronica and smooth groove jazz! It is officially now in high rotation with us! "

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Smooth Vibes

"Last year when I had the privilege to announce the upcoming nuptials of two smooth jazz musicians, I couldn't help but wonder what wonderful musical collaborations would result and how soon. Today, I am happy to announce the birth of their new musical baby that highlights the perfect pairing of this couple both on and off stage. [..] Their first collaboration is a captivating hit that has me eagerly awaiting the album to come. " - The Jazz Gypsy

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Smooth Jazz Live

"Your Smooth Jazz Live & Access Media Crew really enjoyed this new release and the album version of 'Love's No Distance' is available now! Already on the US Billboard Charts [Most Added] on it's first day, congrats to superstar saxtress Shannon Kennedy. We knew it would be a huge hit! " - Mikey Cohen

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