Nivo Deux debuts with Love's No Distance featuring U-Nam on guitar and Shannon Kennedy on saxophone
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Smooth Jazz Therapy

Dennis Poole of Smooth Jazz Therapy wrote us this awesome announcement about the release of "Love's No Distance."
"The duo’s first single is the zesty ‘Love's No Distance’ that was written and produced by U-Nam. It is sure to be an attention grabber and, with niVO DEUX, he might just have hit on a formula that is capable of giving the genre a much-needed shot in the arm." - Dennis Poole
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Funky Band Radio

Funky Band Radio also wrote us a nice announcement on their site!
"Leur nouveau single est extraordinaire en diversité musicale, cette entrée en matière avec se coup de saxe (Shannon Kennedy) qui vous donne tout de suite le ton du morceau. Sur le saxophone viens s’ajouté l’extraordinaire guitare de U-Nam qui donne a ce morceau ce coté qui vous donne envie de bouger, de danser (un coté Chic)." - Funky Band Radio
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